Procurement Frequently Asked Questions

A: Yes we do. They are published in the Official Journal of the European Community (OJEU). Check Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) for regular updates.

A: All vendors are required to produce a valid Tax Clearance Certificate in the case of contracts of a value of €10,000 (inclusive of VAT) or more within a 12-month period. Further information on Irish Revenue Commissioner’s Tax Clearance Guidelines can be found here.

A:  ESB’s standard payment terms are Nett Monthly Account which means that invoices are paid at the end of the month following the date of the invoice. For example, invoices dated August are paid at the end of September (once delivery/performance has been executed in accordance with the terms of the contract).

However, if your contract specifies a different payment term, then the term of the written contract prevails. ESB complies with applicable prompt payments legislation.

A: Please contact one of our ESB Procurement Managers. You can find the contact details here.

Assuming we have a need for the product or service, we may suggest that you meet with our technical specialist, who will explain our specification in more detail.

A: No. Our contract award criteria depends on the nature of the contract. In general, the most economically advantageous tender is accepted.

In addition to lowest cost, further contract award criteria may include:

  • Total cost of ownership
  • Compliance with specification
  • Delivery times
  • Quality
  • Technical merit
  • Environmental characteristics
  • After sales service and technical assistance

The specific criteria for each ESB tender will be identified in our tender documents.

A: Our policy is to award framework agreements up to a maximum of 8 years, including options. These durations are determined by prevailing market conditions and applicable procurement law.

A: We are always happy to find and work with new suppliers who are innovative, customer focused and cost competitive.

A: The following are the latest versions of Contractor Safety and Environmental Regulations that apply in each business unit

ESB Networks

Contractor Safety Regulations

Electric Ireland
Contractor Safety Regulations

ESB Generating Stations

Contractor Safety and Environmental Regulations

ESB Business Service Centre

Business Service Centre – Contractor Safety Regulations

A: ESB uses eTenders, the Irish Government’s procurement portal when issuing contract notices for subsequent publication in the Official Journal of the European Union.  We would encourage potential suppliers, if not already registered, to register their interest with eTenders, so you will be alerted when contract notices are published see eTenders Site for further details. Alternatively potential suppliers should regularly review Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) for upcoming opportunities