The Ardnacrusha Experience

About the Ardnacrusha Experience

ESB is highlighting to the public through its Brighter Future Strategy, the critical role electricity has played in enhancing Irish life since the construction of Ireland’s first power station at Ardnacrusha over 90 years ago and how ESB is leading the secure, affordable transition to a low-carbon energy future for Ireland.

As part of the Shannon hydro-electric scheme, Ardnacrusha took just four years (1925 to 1929) and 5,000 workers to build. Costing more than IR£5m to construct at the time - almost one-fifth of the entire annual budget - Ardnacrusha became a symbol of forward thinking in relation to harnessing Ireland’s natural resources. With the national grid constructed at the same time, the 86 MW capacity was then enough to meet the electricity demands of the whole country. Today, Ardnacrusha represents around 2% of our total installed capacity.

Ardnacrusha Tours

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we are unable to host tours at Ardnacrusha. Please check this page for updates. 

  • You will be required to wear Personal Protection Equipment (Hi-vis jacket; safety hat; safety glasses). These will be provided for visitors at the plant.   
    While every effort has been made to make the tour as accessible as possible there are a number of inaccessible areas to be aware of:
    There are 86 steps to be negotiated up to the headrace canal, locks and tailrace and will not suit wheelchair users or anyone with mobility difficulties.
    The Visitors Centre and Main Station are accessible to wheelchair users albeit the space can be narrow.However, the Control Room is not accessible.
    In relation to people with hearing or visual impairment there are parts of the exhibition which is not accessible but still an enjoyable experience.
    If you have a particular requirement please notify the booking office at least three weeks in advance.

Worksheet Level 2 Team A (PDF | 706 KB)

Worksheet Level 2 Team B (PDF | 891 KB)

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Worksheet Level 2 Team D (PDF | 432 KB)





Terms and conditions

Visitors to the station are only allowed in those areas which are designated for visitor/public access.

Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times. 

Children visiting on a school tour are the responsibility of accompany teaching and support staff while on site.

Instructions given by tour guides or station staff must be followed at all times.

Where protective equipment (e.g. hard hat) is provided, this must be worn where instructed by the tour guide/station staff.

In the event of an emergency (including a fire drill), follow the instructions of the tour guide/station staff and remain in the meeting point until allowed to leave.

Elements of the tour may be cancelled without prior notice for Health and safety reasons.

Please do not drop litter on the site; please use bins provided.

ESB does not accept responsibility for personal property left or mislaid at the station.

Data Protection

The tour operator may take photography or recordings, where written consent has been obtained.  This data will be used for publicity and statistical purposes, and will be deleted no later than 1st October 2020.

ESB will retain visitor data (names, dates, times) for health and safety, legal and statistical purposes. This data will be deleted when no longer required.

ESB’s privacy notice is available here