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ESB ecars was established in 2010 to roll out the public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs) across Ireland and to support the introduction and demand for electric vehicles nationally.

ESB operates and maintains over 1,350 public charge points across the island of Ireland. These are available for electric vehicles and are found nationwide in locations such as on-street, shopping centres, vehicle parks etc.

There are currently two types of chargers on the ESB public charging network, AC (standard 22kW) and DC (Fast chargers 50kW). There is also a new high power charging network (150kW) roll out planned for 2020.

ESB ecars is currently undertaking a €20m programme to expand and enhance the charging network across Ireland which is part funded by the Irish Government’s Climate Action Fund, to help meet the expected growth of electric vehicles in the coming years.

Part of the upgrade will see over 50 high power charging hubs (150kW) on motorway and national road sites. Assessment for these new sites is based on current charge point usage, traffic volume, accessibility, amenities and grid capacity. The results will help identify and locate the most suitable sites. These hubs can charge between two and eight vehicles simultaneously and are capable of providing up to 100 km of electric driving range in as little as six minutes.

AC Network

Following a major replacement programme of the standard charge point network, pay for use has now been implemented on the standard charge points. The replacement programme will continue over the next few months so keep an eye out for our chargers on your travels.

DC (Fast) Network

To use the DC or Fast charging network, fees are incurred. To sign up create an account via the ecar connect app available from the App store or Google Play or through our website. There are three types of connectors used by all electric vehicle types. All three types of charging cable to be found at 95% of ESB fast charge points.


DC CHADEMO: This connector is used to charge Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi vehicles.



CCS COMBO: This connector is used to charge most other electric vehicles including BMW, Volkswagen, Hyundai etc.


ac-fast-chargerAC 43: This connector is used to charge EV's such as the Renault Zoe.



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Information on the location and real-time availability of charge points as well as connector types at each charger is available through the ecar connect app and on our website here.

High Power Network

To use the High Power charging network, fees are incurred. To sign up create an account via the ecar connect app available from the App store or Google Play or through our website. Our high-power charging hubs, which can charge between three and eight vehicles simultaneously, are capable of providing a 100km range to electric vehicles drivers in as little as six minutes. 

ESB ecars in Northern Ireland

ESB ecars also operates and maintains the charge point network for electric vehicle drivers in Northern Ireland, under the name ecarNI.  The system on the island is fully inter-operable allowing seamless access to charge points in both Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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ESB ecars in Great Britain

ESB operates electric vehicle networks in London and Coventry where we provide electric vehicle charging infrastructure and services.

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