ESB supporting The Cool Planet Experience

Image of a globe of the work illuminated from the Cool Planet Experience centre in Co Wicklow

ESB is proud to support the work of Cool Planet Experience through our Generation Tomorrow Steam Education programme, which aims to support young people develop scientific literacy and critical thinking skills through engaging with programmes that encourage curiosity and discovery, helping them not only to become creative and innovative problem solvers, but also active and engaged citizens, capable of making informed choices to tackle climate change and other global challenges.

Located in Powerscourt House in County Wicklow, the Cool Planet Experience connects science, engineering, gaming, and drama to present the true story of climate change - and does so in a way that is fun and engaging for children and adults alike. On arrival, you will discover your carbon footprint, and then as you move through the interactive experience you will discover, through gamification, simple steps you can make to reduce your carbon footprint and help contribute to a clean energy future.

As well as the interactive experience, Cool Planet deliver workshops and educational programmes for visiting schools and organisations while 26 regionally based “Cool Planet Champions” help spread the message nationally.

Cool Planet Experience is also part of the network of Science Foundation Ireland Discover Centres, and runs workshops and outreach programmes for young people and adults alike.

For more information on Cool Planet, click HERE.